Wellyfe Pharmacy Management


Create an Onsite Pharmacy of Choice

Create an Onsite Pharmacy of Choice
  • Realize the full potential of 340B.

Healthcare organizations trust Wellyfe to be their trusted partner to plan, build and manage their 340B pharmacies.

From recruiting and managing staff to optimizing savings and clinical quality, our experts make developing and delivering exceptional onsite entity-owned pharmacies simple.

Wellyfe gives your pharmacy access to the most medication at the best costs and helps you obtain enhanced capture rates above 80%.

  • A Lasting Foundation for Your Pharmacy
    We help you design, build and operate a high-performance pharmacy utilizing our robust, client-centric technology and decades of expertise.
  • Financing
    Start-up financing to fund pharmacy build out and working capital.
  • Technology
    Technology infrastructure that supports clinical workflow and integrates with your EHR.
  • Support
    Full-service support or operating every aspect of your pharmacy – including contracting with all payers, licensing and accreditations.
  • Specialty
    Deep specialty pharmacy expertise to accelerate your path forward in specialty care.
  • Compliance
    Integrating regulatory and legal compliance management.
  • Brand
    Built for your brand powered by Wellyfe.

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How We Transform Your Pharmacy Experience

Four months to better outpatient pharmacy care.

We take a careful, measured approach to ensure we’re building the right on-site pharmacy for your clinic and your patients. Excluding construction, it’s a process that generally takes about four months.

  • Assess
    30 Days
    We’ll meet with key stakeholders throughout your organization and learn about your current processes, what’s working and where you’d like to improve.
  • Develop and Plan
    30 Days
    As we move forward, we’ll transition existing staff to our models, and work on hiring any new staff. We’ll negotiate third-party contracts, procure equipment, and begin integrating our IT systems with yours.
  • Implement
    60 Days
    We’ll onboard new staff, and train everyone on our new systems. We’ll also start rolling out new marketing materials. In this phase we’ll also bring new technology online, including an HL7 interface to your EMR, a new refill website, refill mobile apps, automated refill lines and split billing.
  • Go Live
    60 Days
    We’ll start two weeks before go live with a soft launch to make sure everything’s running smoothly. And as you start running your first patients through the system, we’ll have a team onsite to oversee it all.
Gradient Four months to better outpatient pharmacy care.

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