Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program


Meeting Management, Facilitation and Logistical Services

Meeting Management, Facilitation and Logistical Services Sexual Health

Program Assessment

  • Identify – Interview stakeholders and collaborate with leadership to define impediments to client enrollment and gaps in program needs
  • Review – Analyze policies and procedures, determine any redundancies or inefficiencies, and connect processes to HRSA compliance goals
  • Recommend – Provide detailed program roadmap and actionable recommendations

Program Design

  • Define – Address identified gaps in program structure and link gaps to compliance, security and client requirements
  • Strategize – Align solutions with stakeholder interests, program scope, and client accessibility objectives
  • Build – Design program framework fully aligned with strategic, compliance, and national goals

Technical Assistance and Technical Writing Services

  • Conducting Needs Assessments & Special Studies, creating Comprehensive HIV Program Services Plans; Planning Councils Operational Bylaws; and Statewide Coordinated Statements of Need Reports;
  • Collecting and presenting HIV epidemiology and client utilization data; prepare reports and presentations to provide guidance to Grantees on improvements to the continuum of health care service delivery.
  • Facilitate establishment of annual health care service priorities and allocation of financial resources for essential health care services for individuals with HIV.

Meeting Management, Facilitation & Logistical Services, plan and facilitate the management of monthly meetings with federally mandated community planning bodies (Ryan White Planning Councils) to identify and address the needs and the healthcare service requirements of People with HIV/ AIDS, to include:

  • Program Implementation
  • Prepare – Facilitate business and technology readiness, oversee training and program engagement
  • Manage – Ensure stakeholder communication, manage control processes, and oversee organizational change management
  • Deploy- Execute program framework and actively manage risk, budget, and schedule

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