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Safety net pharmacy for rural health.
Entity-owned and Charitable Pharmacy Management.

Safety net pharmacy for rural health.

Wellyfe is a national pharmacy management and on-site pharmacy solution. Our clinicians and staff are committed to addressing health disparity and ensuring access to equitable, sustainable, and high-quality healthcare for vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Building resilient and sustainable rural health.
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Realize The Full <br>Potential Of 340B

Realize The Full
Potential Of 340B

We use our decades of pharmacy experience and expertise to optimize 340B and pharmacy performance and value, so you save more, spend less time on operational task and provide better care. Get exactly what you need to give your patients all the advantages of a well-run program.


Your Comprehensive
Pharmacy Partner

Wellyfe leverages it’s deep pharmacy expertise to consistently deliver transparency, simplicity and value to healthcare organizations, patients and communities. As a comprehensive pharmacy management partner, we tailor our solutions to meet the needs of your community we serve to realize the full potential of their pharmacy programs. From single services like contract pharmacy administration or referral capture to comprehensive 340B and pharmacy management – so you have total oversight without having to managing countless vendors.

Onsite Pharmacy

Create a lasting foundation for your 340B program powered by Wellyfe.

Contract Pharmacy

Connect To chains, independents, and specialty pharmacies.

Split Billing

Make hospital pharmaceutical usage and replenishment easier and more compliant.

Specialty Pharmacy

Keep 340B working for you with a “single pharmacy” to navigate drugmaker obstacles.

Referral Capture

Grow program savings by compliantly capturing savings from referrals.

Wellyfe Care Card

Help patients afford their medications.


Who We Serve



Disproportionate Share Hospitals
Sole Community Hospitals
Rural Referral Centers
Critical Access Hospitals


Community Health Centers

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)
FQHC Lookalikes
Urban Indian Clinics
Native Health Centers


Specialty Clinics

Tuberculosis Clinics
Black Lung Clinics
Title X Public Housing Primary Care
Clinics Homeless Clinics


Family Planning/Sexual Health Clinics

Title X Family Planning Clinics
STD Clinics


Chronic Condition Programs

State-Operated AIDS Drug Assistance Programs
Ryan White Program Grantees
Hemophilia Treatment Centers